Turun Messukeskus

Implementation of Turku Fair Center Ltd’s Sustainability Policy

We comply with Finnish environmental legislation in our operations, and we use business partners who have made a commitment, through their own programs, to reduce the load on the environment.

Waste plan

  • due to the varying nature of fair events, we always draw up a separate waste plan that is based on recycling and the opportunities provided by the City of Turku’s waste management services
  • we carry out monthly monitoring of our waste volumes

Technical building services

  • we have made investments to improve the energy efficiency of our spaces; these investments include:
  • more energy-efficient lifting doors to the halls as well as exterior doors at the fair entrance
  • additional insulation in structures
  • new windows
  • LED lighting in conference and lobby spaces
  • adjustable ventilation in each room
  • installation of carbon-dioxide sensors to measure indoor air quality (air is therefore circulated only as needed)
  • nozzles that limit water consumption
  • we disable ventilation machines whenever there is no activity in the spaces
  • the heating of exhibition spaces with a large cubic-meter volume is always disabled when the spaces are not in use
  • outdoor lighting functions with ambient light sensors and/or timers
  • we monitor our energy consumption daily


  • our recycling rate is 39%
  • we recycle waste, e.g. metal, paper and glass
  • we have compactors on our premises for board waste
  • the sorting of our energy waste is outsourced
  • our technical fair department primarily supplies structures that are module-sized and thus reusable

Cleaning services

  • we ensure that the suppliers of our cleaning agents, tools and machines operate in an environmentally responsible manner and that they have quality management and environmental certification in place
  • we are reducing our total consumption of cleaning agents (through e.g. choice of cleaning method, microfiber products, dosing, cleaning textiles in washing machines, proper use of chlorine)
  • we are reducing the amount of waste caused by the use of trash bags (e.g. size, material and replacing according to the type of waste, possibility of reusable bags)


  • we take environmental matters into account in our day-to-day operations by striving to reduce waste volumes and by systematically sorting and recycling waste
  • we regularly monitor our energy and water consumption
  • we acquire energy-saving devices and we promote energy-saving behavior
  • we are part of the energy efficiency agreement for the sector that promotes the efficient use of energy
  • we use cleaning chemicals that have the least impact on the environment
  • we recycle biowaste, glass and metal
  • if we use paperboard dishes, they are made of environmentally friendly materials
  • in meetings and at buffet meals we serve tap water
  • we do not use disposable dishes
  • we do not use plastic straws
  • whenever possible, we use local produce and organic products
  • we always offer a vegetarian option
  • we use fresh and seasonal raw materials
  • we use sustainably sourced fish products
  • we minimize food waste


  • we have electric charging points in our parking areas
  • we recommend that visitors take public transport to the Fair Center: we have separate parking spaces reserved, e.g. for groups travelling by bus
  • bus transportation is arranged from downtown Turku for events


  • the height of our ticket counters and info desk can be adjusted
  • there are no door thresholds in the exhibition halls
  • the second floor can be accessed by an elevator
  • the chairs on the main floor of the auditorium are removable, which means there is plenty of room for wheelchairs