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Maritime industry and logistics will attract close to 200 companies to NaviGate in Turku

The international NaviGate maritime industry and logistics expo will take place on May 18th and 19th at the Turku Fair and Congress Center, bringing the latest themes and operators in the industry together under one roof.
Close to 200 important industry companies will fill the two trade show halls as exhibitors. One of the speakers taking the stage will be Meyer Turku’s Managing Director Jan Meyer. In addition to Finland, the event also includes companies and participants from Lithuania, Germany, Poland and Spain. Taking place at the same time in Turku is a related event – European Maritime Day (EMD).

The NaviGate expo will raise such topics as maritime traffic automation, i.e. unmanned vessels, in the Baltic Sea. The guest speakers will present both the pros and cons of the topic. A legal perspective on the theme will also be presented in a seminar hosted May 18th by the law firm Lexia, which specializes in maritime transport issues.

In terms of the maritime industry and logistics themes, Meyer Turku will host a Subcontractors’ Day at the expo on May 19th, including a seminar on the radical improvement of competitiveness and production efficiency. Jan Meyer will kick off the seminar and topics will include, for instance, new innovations in materials procurement, presented by Tapani Tilus from Konecranes.

A seminar dedicated to alternative energy solutions in the maritime industry will also be arranged, with DNV GL AS, Meriaura, FinnFerries, Langh Tech and Wärtsilä participating. Poland will also be strongly featured at the expo, presenting its maritime expertise.
The University of Turku will arrange several presentations at NaviGate, in the Science Café. Many interesting projects that are currently under way will be presented. The University of Turku’s Science Café will feature around a dozen speakers.
Program for the fair: https://www.turunmessukeskus.fi/en/program/navigate-program/

Turku Traffic Day will take place on May 19th and among the topics that will be up for discussion are market-driven changes in goods transport. Other topics will include the cost-effectiveness of super trucks, the durability of roads and competition in the industry.
Changes in railway traffic will also be discussed during Turku Traffic Day. What does competition in railway traffic mean? Turku Traffic Day will be wrapped up by a panel headed by Professor Lauri Ojala dealing with the impact of the market-driven changes in the shipping markets on Finland’s logistical competitiveness. The event will feature speakers from VR Group, Fenniarail, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi), Southwest Finland ELY Centre, UPM and SKAL, among others.

NaviGate, taking place this year on May 18th and 19th, is a free maritime industry and logistics trade show that is organized in Turku every two years. Dozens of companies and organizations are involved in organizing the event.

Further information about the expo is available from:
Turku Fair and Congress Centre Ltd., Krista Ahonen, Project Director, tel. +358 50594 9641, krista.ahonen@turunmessukeskus.fi

Twitter @turunmessukeskus #Navigate #Turku
Members of the press are welcome to take part in the event. On May 18th, from 11 am to noon, the Press Point room will host a presentation of the event, attended by representatives of the University of Turku, among others.