Good to know

On this page you will find current information about e.g. opening hours, tickets, trade fair visits and security.


The following hygiene requirements must be met in all public gatherings and public events (Communicable Diseases Act, section 58 c):

  • it is possible for customers and participants to clean their hands,
  • customers and participants receive adequate instructions on maintaining distance, cleaning their hands and other measures to prevent the spread of infection,
  • cleaning of spaces and surfaces
  • the customers stays are arranged with sufficient distances and any customer locations are placed sufficiently sparsely.

Section 58 c of the Communicable Diseases Act currently applies until 31 December 2021.

Ticket Sales and Methods of Payment

The ticket sales counters of events arranged by the Turku Fair Center accept almost all bank and credit cards. The restaurants and cafeterias run by Restel Tapahtumaravintolat also accept almost all bank and credit cards. At the moment, we avoid using cash because of the pandemic.

The parking and the cloakroom accept only bank and credit cards. We recommend that you buy the parking ticket in conjunction with your entrance ticket or separately at the Fair Office. The Turku Fair Center does not have any serial tickets for parking.

Culture vouchers cannot be used to purchase fair tickets, because fairs do not meet the criteria set for cultural events in the voucher rules.

You can buy advance tickets to events arranged by the Turku Fair Center online.

The ticket prices of events arranged by the Turku Fair Center are specified on the event’s website and in advertising materials. As a rule, children younger than 7 can access fairs free of charge (exceptions are possible).

What are the opening hours of the Turku Fair Center?

The Fair Office is located on the second floor and open from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.. Exceptional opening hours apply during holiday seasons.

The construction and dismantling periods of each fair event are specified on our website. If you need to access the premises at other times, you can agree on this with the facility caretaker or the event’s contact person in advance.

Where is the Turku Fair Center Info desk?

There is an Info desk in the ground floor entrance hall, and it serves visitors throughout the opening hours of fairs arranged by the Turku Fair Center. At other times, the Info desk is closed, unless otherwise separately agreed with the event organiser.

Are pets allowed in the Turku Fair Center?

Unfortunately, we do not allow you to take pets with you to the fair center. Assistance dogs are the only exception.

Where can I park my car when I come to the Turku Fair Center?

There are 3,000 parking places in the immediate proximity of the Turku Fair Center. During fair events, there are traffic controllers managing the traffic in the access routes and these controllers also collect the parking fee.

There are a few special parking places reserved for the disabled.

N.B. There is a separate parking lot for exhibitors.

Is smoking allowed in the Turku Fair Center?

Smoking of all kinds, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited in all premises of the Turku Fair Center. Smoking is allowed outdoors only. During events, there are usually designated smoking areas outdoors, by the entrance of the B Hall cafeteria or close to the main entrance.

Can you use a push-chair at events in the Fair Center?

Most of the Turku Fair Center premises can easily be accessed with push-chairs and prams.
In addition, families with children can borrow push-chairs for temporary use from the Info desk free of charge. You can also reserve a push-chair in advance by telephone +358 2 337 111.

Are there baby care facilities or play areas in the Turku Fair Center?

There is a small, sheltered baby care point in the main entrance hall, close to the Fair Office.

Is there a restaurant in the Turku Fair Center?

There is one restaurant and several cafeterias in the Turku Fair Center. More information: Restel Ravintolat,, telephone +358 400 366 512.

Where can I enquire about items lost during fairs and events?

A lot of visitors’ lost items are found at fairs every year, so you should contact us about them on the week immediately after the fair. For a month after the event, you can ask about lost and found items by telephone on +358 2 337 111 or by e-mail Our customer service is open from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. (exceptional service hours during fairs).