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A POPULAR AND DIVERSE RANGE OF CONFERENCE FACILITIES IN TURKU The Turku Fair Center hosts a diverse range of facilities that help you create successful event packages. We offer meeting spaces of various sizes as well as services built around… Read more


THE SKY IS THE LIMIT WITH THE TURKU FAIR CENTER PARTY VENUES What kind of party are you looking to organise? Are you looking for a venue for a staff party, a Christmas party, a product launch event or a… Read more


ORGANISE A SUCCESSFUL EVENT, MEETING OR PARTY AT THE TURKU FAIR CENTER The Turku Fair Center is an excellent location for meetings and celebrations of various sizes. Are you looking to organise a conference, a meeting, a fair, an exhibition,… Read more

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Versatile premises for all kinds of events   The Turku Fair Center has various premises that can be adjusted to successful event entities. You can choose from our auditorium, meeting and restaurant premises of different sizes, exhibition halls, the entrance lobby,… Read more

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Arrange a successful event in the Turku Fair Center The diverse premises of the Turku Fair Center can be adjusted to the needs of any event, be it a meeting, congress, fair, exhibition, banquet or concert. Take a look at… Read more