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    On this page you will find the contact information for the Turku Fair Center. You can best reach us on weekdays Mon–Fri by e-mail

    The staff’s own e-mail addresses are in the format and on this page you will also find direct telephone numbers.

    For general information about the Turku Fair Center, please contact (02) 337 111 on weekdays (Mon–Fri) from 9 am to 3 pm.

    Contact information for Restel’s restaurant: Maarit Salovaara, Restel tel. +358 400 366 512.

    Turku Fair Center
    Messukentänkatu 9–13
    PO Box 57
    FI-20210 Turku

    Visiting address: Turku Fair Center, Messukentänkatu 9–13, 20210 Turku. For the navigator, you should choose Kirjaltajankatu as the address.

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    Jouni Kaunisto Sales Manager 040 532 4747
    Michael Koivisto Sales Manager 0400 636 420
    Helena Sinervo Sales Manager 044 722 2518

    Fair projects

    Anniina Jokinen Project Manager 044 0911808
    Annina Katre Event Coordinator 044 722 2502
    Vilja-Tuulia Huotarinen Program Director, Turku Book Fair
    Heidi Sinisalo Sales and Development Director 044 972 6620
    Maria Leivonen Project Coordinator 044 907 4156

    Rental of facilities to event organisers

    Päivi Hoikkala Business Unit Director EVENTS 040 558 9928
    Michael Koivisto Sales Manager 0400 636 420

    Construction of fairs and events / fair services

    Jesse Kujamäki Production coordinator 044 7222 505
    Markku Lempinen Hall Manager 040 742 7930


    Teija Hakula Communications and Marketing Manager 050 376 1324

    Financial administration

    Lasse Pekkala (Azets)

    Turku Fair Centre Ltd

    Marja Pekkanen Managing Director 040 5457766

    Restaurant Festo


    Turku Fair Center introduces the COVID-19 passport in its upcoming events

    Article updated 16.12.2021 11:31 COVID-19 passport is required for public events of more than 50 people The EU’s digital corona certificate, the so-called the C…

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    Boatexpo will be rescheduled to 2022

    We regret to inform you that we have made the decision to reschedule the event to 2022. We worked hard with the exhibitors and boat vendors to make the event ha…

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