Take part in a novel recruitment concept!

The Rekryexpo fall 2019 event attracted 2200 visitors. Thank You to all the visitors and exhibitors.

The third RekryExpo will be organized jointly by the Turku Fair Center and TS Groups’ media outlets at the Turku Fair Center on 6th June 2020. In addition to the fair itself, the concept includes job vacancy announcements in TS Group’s local newspapers and the Turun Sanomat RekryExpo supplement. The objective of the novel concept is to bring together companies that are recruiting and potential employees in Southwest Finland. RekryExpo will thus provide excellent support for the positive structural change taking place in the region and help address the resulting shortage of employees. The first RekryExpo was organized at the Turku Fair Center in November 2017.
Other partners in the event include the City of Turku and the local TE Office (Employment and Economic Development Office).


Benefit in Your recruitment from the advantages offered by the fair media!

  • Personal contacts – face to face
  • Neutral territory and high approachability
  • Two-way communication / interactivity
  • High-quality and cost-effective contacts
  • Meeting the right target group
  • Increases positive publicity
  • Measurable results
  • Promotes networking

Demand for labor is the highest in Southwest Finland

The positive structural change taking place in Southwest Finland has led to a strong increase in the need to develop competence and training in the region.
Over the past three months, there has been a 23 per cent increase in the number of jobs that have opened up compared to last year.
Southwest Finland’s momentum and image as an employment region can now be promoted at RekryExpo on 10 April 2019.

RekeyExpo supplement reaches readers throughout the region

  • The RekryExpo supplement will come out one week before the event and provides a comprehensive editorial content on the labor market in Southwest Finland.
  • The supplement will include the entire fair program and the announcements of all the companies participating in the fair.
  • An announcement in the supplement will reach 235,000 readers in Southwest Finland.
  • Readers who subscribe to the newspapers have a strong relationship with their paper – high-quality contacts for companies that are recruiting
  • A credible and recognized media outlet for recruitment messages
  • The readers of the supplement are active working-age people living in Southwest Finland.
  • An announcement will reach both active and passive job seekers and strengthen the employer image.
  • Allows companies to share their stories



Sales and program: Anniina Jokinen, myyntipäällikkö p.044 091 1808 anniina.jokinen@turunmessukeskus.fi
Sales: Jesse Teleni, myyntipäällikkö p. 050 570 7003 jesse.teleni@ts.fi
Sales: Tiia Nevalainen, myyntijohtaja p. 040 743 8857 tiia.nevalainen@turunmessukeskus.fi

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Assembly and disassembly times

Tuesday 9th of June from 8am to 4pm (Office services until 4pm)

  • Exhibition stands must be completed by 4pm on Tuesday 9th of June.
  • If an exhibitor exceeds the deadline, they will be charged EUR 45 (+ VAT) for each hour beyond the deadline.
  • Any extensions to the deadline must always be negotiated with the fair management.

Wednesday 10th of June from 7pm to 8pm
Thursday 11th of June from 8am to 4pm

Access for exhibitors to the exhibition halls during the event

Wednesday 10th of June at 8am

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Sales Director
Tiia Nevalainen
tel. 040 743 8857
Ask for more information
Sales Manager
Anniina Jokinen
tel. 044 0911808