Newsletter register description

    Personal Data Act (523/99), Sections 10 and 24

    Creation date 7 February 2009


    Turku Fair Center Ltd.
    Messukentänkatu 9-13, PO Box 57, FI 20101 Turku
    Telephone +358 2 337 111
    Business ID: 0646264-4

    Person handling register matters

    Teija Hakula
    PO Box 57, FI-20201 Turku
    telephone +358 2 337 111

    Name of register

    Register for newsletter related to public fairs organised by the Turku Fair Center Ltd (Messuposti).

    Purpose of handling personal data/purpose of register

    Personal data is collected, handled and used with the customer’s consent  for the purpose of visitor marketing and communications related to the fair event(s) selected by the customer upon registration. The data can also be used for statistical purposes and event development purposes.

    Register data content

    The person’s first name, last name, e-mail address, street address, postcode, city, gender, age, interest towards the indicated fair(s), mobile phone number and consent to mobile marketing.

    Normal data sources

    The visitor register data is derived from the data provided on the registration page. Data is also collected by using fair event invitations, registration and competition coupons, as well as competitions and marketing campaigns arranged in electronic media (consent is always requested separately when these channels are used).

    Normal relinquishment of data and transfer of data outside the EU and EEA

    Data will not be handed over to third parties. If a third party offers a benefit for the visitor register members and the delivery of such benefit requires the customer’s personal data, the data shall be handed over for the one time only and the third party shall not be entitled to forward the data.

    Means of protecting the register

    The visitor register is maintained as a technical record on the servers of Apsis (, which is a partner of the Turku Fair Center. Access to the data is protected by user ID and password. The register is only accessed by persons authorised to do so as part of their work.