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B/8 Aboa Mare

Maritime Academy and Training Center

C/38 Ajotek Oy

Ajotek palvelee valmistavaa teollisuutta ja urakoitsijoita sekä tekee yhteistyötä kone- ja laitevalmistajien kanssa. Metsä-, rakennus- ja kaivosteollisuudet sekä meriteollisuus ovat yrityksen tärkeimpiä asiakassektoreita. PANOLIN-voiteluaineita käytetään muun muassa metsäkoneissa, maanrakennuskoneissa, kaivoskoneissa, ruoppaajissa, laivoissa, aluksissa, siirtolavalaitteissa ja materiaalinkäsittelykoneissa.

Ajotek is a Finnish import company founded in 1994 and a family business in the second generation. We offer environmentally friendly, high-quality and cost-effective products from market leaders in their field. Our absolute advantage is short delivery times from our warehouse in Tuusula, Finland.
Welcome to hear how PANOLIN's biodegradable and long-life lubricants reduce costs and improve performance – and at the same time protect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions.
We have imported and sold PANOLIN's biolubricants in Finland for 25 years.
Our portfolio also includes Wågene Purifiner’s oil cleaning equipment, which clean and maintain oil to better quality than new oil. Therefore they reduce oil consumption and costs, save the environment, and prevent breakdowns in the oil system, as 80% of all crashes are due to contaminated oil.

C/3 Aker Arctic Technology Inc

Design company Aker Arctic Technology develops maritime projects operating in the Arctic and other challenging conditions. Our specialization is the development, design, engineering, consulting and testing services for ice-going vessels, icebreakers, offshore marine structures, marine transport solutions and ports. Head office and model test facility are located in Helsinki.

B/5 Alandia
B/55 Alfatest AB

Shared stand with Oresund DryDocks. AlfaTest is a specialized NDT, Inspection and Engineering company in the Shipping, Industrial and Offshore sectors. We are proud to provide a high level of service and strong collaboration with our customers based on the premises of: · We are always committed to clearly understand our clients’ needs and expectations thus allowing us to deliver a service meeting those. · We always appoint teams of true professionals with a proven track record of solving our clients unique challenges. · We are always mobile and available anywhere in the world 24/7. · We continuously review our systems, processes and equipment to make them more efficient, allowing us to deliver the most competitive solution.

B/36 Alfons Håkans

Alfons Håkans Group continues to operate today as a family business with Joakim Håkans at the wheel. The company and its owners take pride in providing reliable services to the customers. Alfons Håkans offers a range of transportation and logistics services, including towage, salvage and icebreaking.

Based on several decades of local experience, Alfons Håkans provides you with safe and efficient year around towage for all vessels and in all situations in Finnish and Estonian ports. We have been the most trusted harbor towage company in Finland since 1945. We have provided our high-quality services also in Estonia since 2004. Our services are available even in Latvia via PKL Flote, a Latvian tugboat company part of Alfons Håkans group. Tens of thousands of harbor towages where the skills, competence, communication, and experience have been put to the test, speak for themselves. Quality is assured as we hold ISO and ISM certification. Our crews are local and highly professional and the close collaboration we have with our customers, pilots, linesmen and port authorities ensures we work to fulfil our commitment to our customers.

We make it happen when it matters the most to you – in rough conditions, when time is short, and safety is not to be compromised.

B/10 Allstars Engineering Group

Olemme 30 vuoden aikana kehittyneet telakkateollisuuden insinööritoimistosta meri- ja prosessi- ja
koneteknologiateollisuuden projektinhallintayritykseksi. Yrityksemme on erikoistunut vaativien
suunnittelutoimeksiantojen toteutukseen mm. telakka- ja paperikoneteollisuuden parissa. Toimitamme myös
huippuluokan lasituoteratkaisuja kokonaistoimituksina laivoihin sekä yksityisiin ja julkisiin rakennuksiin.

B/43 Alumeco Finland OY AB

Toimitamme Suomen teollisuudelle alumiinit ja ruostumattomat teräkset: levyt, tangot, putket, profiilit ja kelat.

C/1 Antti-Teollisuus Oy

Meet us at Navigate 2024!
Antti delivered almost 5000 doors for Icon of the Seas, the world’s biggest cruise ship ever.
Please mark your calendars for Finland’s largest shipping and shipbuilding trade exhibition. This time Navigate – the meeting venue for international maritime professionals – takes place at the Turku Fair Center on 15.–16.5.2024. The popular event will be the eight of its kind. Antti Marine is looking forward to seeing all existing and potential new business partners at the stand number C/1.

B/17 BLC Turva Oy

Tarjoamme Suomen kattavimman valikoiman turva-, lukitus-, automaatio- ja audiotekniikan ratkaisuja 19 paikkakunnalla n. 500 ammattilaisen voimin.

C/16 BLRT Grupp

Yhteisosastolla Naantalin Satama, BLRT Grupp ja KWH Logistics

B/30 Blue Industry Park Oy

Blue Industry Park on Turun telakka-alueelle rakentuva Euroopan johtava meri- ja valmistavan teollisuuden keskittymä. Se kokoaa omien alojensa edelläkävijät uuden liiketoiminnan kehittyneimpien teknologioiden ja ensiluokkaisten logististen yhteyksien äärelle.

B/57 Bluetech Finland Oy

Bluetech offers Naval architecture and Marine engineering services for ship owners, shipyards and other marine-related suppliers. "At Bluetech, our sailormade ship design solutions are tailored to each unique customer and project, each presenting its own set of challenges. Our mission is to assist our customers in navigating the often-challenging waters. We are a team of sailors and marine engineers dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals." #SAILORMADE Our ships marketed under the “Bluetech” brand are fast developing an international reputation for the world’s lowest fuel consumption per cargo unit in their class.

B/16 C & C Port Agency Finland Oy Ltd
B/40 Carina Solutions Oy

Carinafour (C4) is a leading developer of supply chain processes and digital systems for the project industry. C4 also provides material management as service for its customers. C4 was founded in 2012 and company has several major international customer relationships and strategic partnerships in maritime, construction and industrial investment segment. C4 turnover in 2024 is more than 10 M€ with +100 employees. C4's strategic focus is on the digital growth in the international markets.


Shared stand with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia / LIAA. CNC SAAN main business profiles are subcontracting for CNC machining services including heavy duty machining and 5 axis turning - milling services. Company working according quality system ISO 9001:2015.

C/7 Construction Trade Ltd

Shared stand with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia / LIAA. Construction trade Ltd. is a production company specializing in steel, stainless steel and aluminum constructions. Construction tradeLtd. employs highly qualified, certified and experienced workforce. The company's plants is located in Riga and ?ekava and it is 1150m2 + 1750m2. The company has all the necessary technological equipment for the production of metal structures, which allows to reduce production time and costs. The company is working on the basis of Europe and worldwide accepted manufacturing principles. Production using only certified and tested materials. Traceability of materials an consumable is carried out at all stages from material procurement to finished product delivery. Construction trade Ltd. is a modern production company that constantly seeks to improve product quality and reduce production costs. Also production is based on high standards in occupational safety and confirmed by many quality certificates obtained

C/21 Data Respons Solutions AB

Data Respons Solutions has in-depth industry know-how
and more than 35 years’ experience in developing software,
smarter IoT and embedded solutions certifi ed for extreme
and challenging environments.

B/37 DG-Diving Group

Vedenalainen laivanhuolto ja korjaus

B/56 EJT-Tekniikka Oy

EJT-Tekniikka Oy on turkulainen konepaja ja meriteollisuusverkoston alihankintayritys.
EJT-tekniikka tarjoaa laadukkaat teräsosat ja hitsatut rakenteet suunnitelmiesi mukaan valmistettuna.

EJT-Tekniikka Oy is a machine workshop and subcontracting company in the maritime industry network in Turku area.
EJT-Tekniikka offers high quality steel parts and welded structures manufactured according to your plans.

B/b Esmarin Composites Ltd

Kehittyneet komposiittiratkaisut.

Oy Esmarin Composites Ltd manufactures composite parts for industrial machines and equipment. The lightness and durability of our composite products bring significant competitive advantages to our customers also in marine industry. Since the establishment of our company in 1992, we have been operating as a system supplier for various industries. We utilize the experience gained from various industries in our new product development projects. Our composite structures meet very strict IMO fire regulations and shipbuilders' MED quality standards. Our quality and management system is also MED D certified.

B/3 Estonian Business and Innovation Agency
B/50 Etteplan Oyj

Etteplanin tarjoaa palveluja laivasuunnitteluprojektin eri vaiheisiin niin uusiin aluksiin kuin ns. retrofithankkeisiin.
Tunnemme suunnitteluvaatimukset risteilijöille, autolautoille, RoPax-aluksille, rahtilaivoille ja tankkereille,
jäänmurtajille ja tutkimusaluksille ja autamme asiakkaitamme täyttämään alustyypille määritetyt tekniset
turvallisuusvaatimukset ja säädökset.

C/2 Ferramare OÜ

Ferramare is a manufacturing company that, as a multifunctional team, designs and manufactures tailor-made interior solutions and products for the international shipbuilding market.
Our mission is to provide customers with interior products and solutions that helps to create unique environments on cruise ships.
Ferramare product range includes service hatches, C/B-class doors, and custom interior products.

C/30 Finnvera Oyj

Finnvera tarjoaa rahoitusta yritystoiminnan alkuun, kasvuun ja kansainvälistymiseen sekä viennin riskeiltä
suojautumiseen. Vahvistamme suomalaisten yritysten toimintaedellytyksiä ja kilpailukykyä tarjoamalla lainoja,
takauksia ja vientitakuita. Finnvera jakaa rahoitukseen sisältyvää riskiä muiden rahoittajien kanssa. Finnvera on
valtion omistama erityisrahoittaja ja Suomen virallinen vientitakuulaitos Export Credit Agency (ECA).
Yhteisosasto Varsinais-Suomen TE-toimisto ja Varsinais-Suomen ELY-keskus ja Finnvera Oyj:n kanssa.

B/7 Fintraffic Meriliikenteenohjaus Oy

Liikenteenohjauksen ja -hallinnan palvelut

C/13 Forum Marinum säätiö

The Maritime Museum Forum Marinum, situated on the banks of the Aura River near Turku's harbour, is an active and diverse centre for maritime activities. Known for the iconic frigate Suomen Joutsen and other unique museum vessels, Forum Marinum serves as a national specialist museum for Maritime History and is also the Finnish Navy Museum. Forum Marinum collaborates with universities, colleges, museums, and other public and private entities.
In the future, Forum Marinum aims to be a meeting place not only for museum visitors and local residents but also for maritime industry businesses. The collaboration with SeaFocus strengthens Forum Marinum's presence as an active maritime player.

Shared stand with SeaFocus.

B/2 Freja Transport & Logistics Oy

Hoidamme merikuljetukset kaikkialle maailmaan

B/54 Georg Fischer Ab Filial Finland

Shared stand with Onninen Oy and Roxtec Finland Oy

C/19 Hatteland Technology Oy

Hatteland Technology on maailmanlaajuisesti toimiva teknologiapartneri merenkulkualalla ja meriteollisuudessa toimiville yrityksille.
Toimimme myös monilla muilla teollisuudenaloilla. Tarjoamme asiakkaidemme tarpeisiin soveltuvia teknologiaratkaisuja.
Tarjontamme kattaa näytöt, paneelitietokoneet, teollisuustietokoneet ja -verkkolaitteet sekä kameravalvontajärjestelmäratkaisut.

B/31 Helkama Bica Oy

Helkama Bica specializes in the development and production of marine and telecom cables, providing solutions for Marine, Telecom, Industrial, Flexible, Offshore (SHF2), Optical fiber, Instrumentation and Fire-resistant applications. Helkama exports yearly to more than 60 countries all over the world, has over 200 shipyards as customers and is known as a stable partner for several multinational corporations. Helkama stands for quality, flexibility and outstanding personal service.

B/16 HL Charter Oy Helsinki Limo
B/12 Hydac Oy

Water Filtration, fuel, Fluid Monitoring, Hydraulic Systems, Ballast Water, Gas Filtration, Lubrication Systems,
Shipping 4.0


Shared stand with Oresund DryDocks. * Electrical installation & automation * Troubleshooting & Commissioning * Service, Repairs & maintenance * Overhaul of electrical motors * Balancing of fan impellers * Building of electrical cabinets & components * Spare Parts * Material Supply (Cables, Roxtec, Cable trays, Steel material, etc.) * Thermography * Welding & installation of optical fiber systems * Installation of cable routes as well as cable passages * All locksmith work related to electrical installations * Consultancy & production planning

B/11 Indutek Oy

Korjaus- ja kunnossapitotuotteet teollisuuteen.

Indutek Oy-Belzona Suomi is the Distributor of Belzona International Ltd in Finland.

Belzona's comprehensive range of rapid and cold-curing marine coatings and metal repair composites has been used by the marine industry for over 60 years. Our products are specifically designed to withstand harsh offshore conditions and have exceptional resistance against both mechanical and chemical erosion and corrosion.
Belzona provide metal repair composites to shipyards and Marine industry around the world, long-term protection is proven by years of successful experience with ships and offshore structures.
Belzona materials are approved by classification societies from all around the world including: Lloyd's Register, American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, DNV GL, China Classification Society, Germanischer Lloyd. In addition, our products have received acknowledgements from the U.S. Navy and the U.K. Ministry of Defence.
Marine equipment commonly suffers from cavitation, impingement and entrainment. These erosive forces can quickly destroy conventional coatings and lead to corrosion. Belzona provides long-term solutions to eliminate corrosion and reduce the effects of erosion.
We provide the possibility to repair, protect and improve Your valuable assets in a cost-effective way with minimum vessel downtime.

C/7 Investment and Development Agency of Latvia / LIAA

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) works to increase export and competitiveness of Latvian companies, facilitate foreign investment, and implement tourism development and innovation policies. Our cervices in LIAA include comprehensive information on the financial, legal, fiscal, and procedural aspects of doing business in Latvia.

B/6 Kindhelm
C/4 Kongsberg Maritime Finland Oy

WE CREATE SOLUTIONS User-friendly. Innovative. Reliable. Solutions that work. Our approach to product
design maximise performance by providing THE FULL PICTURE. Our products and services cover on- and
offshore, merchant marine, subsea, navy, coastal marine, aquaculture, training and more.

C/16 KWH Logistics

Yhteisosastolla Naantalin Satama, BLRT Grupp ja KWH Logistics

B/58 Langh Group Oy Ab
B/18 Legrand

Legrand is a global specialist in electrical infrastructures, dedicated to supporting technological, societal and environmental change around the globe. Our purpose is to improve life by transforming the spaces where people live, work and meet.

B/55 Marinspect Safety & Rigging

Not only lifeboats, but also fire fighting equipment, cranes and other lifting equipment, gangways, accommodation ladders, fall protection equipment and supply of all safety related items. Instead of having several companies to service your equipment, Marinspect do it all. Shared stand with Oresund DryDocks.

B/25 Mecaplan Oy

Mecaplan on tuotekehityksen ja teknisen suunnittelun palvelukeskus.

Mecaplan offers expert services in product development and design for its customers. Our operations are based on solid experience, technical manufacture know-how, and recognising our customers' needs.

B/23 Meriaura Oy

Meriaura Oy on turkulainen perheyritys, joka on erikoistunut teollisuuden tuotteiden ja raaka-aineiden
merikuljetuksiin sekä erilaisiin projektikuljetuksiin.

Meriaura transports demanding project cargoes and industrial bulk in Northern Europe, especially in the Baltic and North Sea areas. We operate a modern fleet of 15 ice-classed vessels.

Our two multipurpose open deck carriers, ice-classed m/s ‘Meri’ and ‘Aura’ are designed for extremely demanding special and heavy cargo transport and offshore operations. Meriaura EcoVoy contract, based on our in-house produced biofuel made from recycled materials, offers nearly CO2 neutral transport with 97,7% less emissions.

Our vision is to be the leading forerunner in environmentally friendly, innovative and solution-oriented maritime transport services.

B/46 Meriteollisuus ry/ Finnish Marine Industries

Finnish Marine Industries is a co-operation forum for high-technology maritime solution providers, leading marine equipment manufacturers, turn-key suppliers, design companies, software and system providers as well as shipbuilding, ship repair and offshore yards. The association promotes favorable conditions in industrial and economic policy for the Finnish marine industry.

B/45 Meyer Turku Oy
C/16 Naantalin Satama Oy

Yhteisosastolla Naantalin Satama, BLRT Grupp ja KWH Logistics.

PORT OF NAANTALI is one of the busiest ports in Finland in terms of annual 4,5 million cargo tons and 1400 ship calls. The Port of Naantali serves the trade and industry in a wide range of the hinterland as well as the heavy industry close to the port. A number of terminals, operators, service providers and industrial enterprises are operating in the immediate vicinity of the Port of Naantali. Along with strong roro/ropax traffic, they are generating cargo flows that make Naantali one of Finland's most important trade hubs and an important partner for all those operating on the TEN-T's Scandinavian and Mediterranean core network corridor. Over the past decade, the Port of Naantali has become into a leading RoRo/Ropax port and a hub for Scandinavian cargo traffic in Finland.

Sustainability is one of the core values of the Port. The environmental impact of ships and port operations has recently been reduced by e.g. installing onshore power supply system (OPS). By implementing the auto-mooring system, also the safety and efficiency in port operations has increased. In addition, the Port of Naantali aims to facilitate and promote the energy transition process of shipping and logistics locally by supporting the production of green energy and shipping in the green transition.

B/60 NIT Naval Interior Team Oy Ltd


NIT Naval Interior Team, established in 2000 in Piikkiö, is an international group of companies specializing in turnkey interior design and construction deliveries for all kinds of vessels. We build various kinds of passenger and crew areas, such as restaurants, spas and staircases, including also technical background works.

Did you know that we can measure the environmental impact of ship interiors? With our award-winning Carbon Footprint Calculation, we calculate the carbon footprint and carbon handprint of the area and are able to research more environmentally friendly materials helping our customers to reduce emissions.

B/55 NjordX

NjordX is your professional partner in navigation, communication and integrated systems for all types of vessels, large or small. With the product range we offer today and the experience we have, we can offer a solution that suits both your business and your finances. We will help you with right product, installation and service.

C/7 nordi Ltd

Shared stand with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia / LIAA. nordi Ltd offers custom-made furniture for public and private sectors for B2B clients.

B/54 Onninen Oy

Onninen serves technical wholesale business customers and is the market leader in its field in Finland. Onninen offers an extensive selection of products and service packages to contractors, industry, infrastructure building and retail dealers. Through the network of Onninen Express stores, efficient logistic integrated services and multichannel shopping experience, Onninen is the reliable companion of a professional. Onninen operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. In addition, Onninen provides comprehensive services to professionals through electronic channels.

Shared stand with Roxtec Finland Oy and Georg Fischer Ab.

B/55 Oresund DryDocks

We resolve all of your challenges
Welcome to Oresund DryDocks! With over 100 years in the industry, we have learned the value of being a problem solver and dependable partner for our customers when servicing, maintaining, and repairing their vessels.

B/29 Padtex Insulation SIA

Padtex Insulation SIA is one of the leading fiberglass product producers in the Baltics. We’re headquartered in Valmiera, Latvia and work with partners across the world. In the world, we are best known for technical insulation and fireproof products. We are working in the energy, automotive, marine and construction industries.
Our products and services: We create high value and quality products for our customers through sustainable, competitive and innovative solutions that help reduce energy consumption and provide environmental safety.

B/19 Pakkauspörssi Oy

RS-Tarvikkeen tuotevalikoimaan kuuluvat rakentamisen, remontoinnin ja purkutöiden aikaiset suojat, suojausmateriaalit ja suojaustarvikkeet.

Pakkausporssi / RS-Tarvike is a Finnish family company founded in 2002. We offer our customers high-quality and cost-effective protection products, especially fire resistance products.
RS-Tarvike is authorized distributor for Swiss Landolt self adhesive protection products. We are a reliable partner for companies that want to protect what they care about.

B/9 Paramet Konepaja Oy

Toimitamme kilpailukykyisesti korkealaatuisia teräsrakenteita ja osakokonaisuuksia alallaan maailman johtavien
metalliteollisuusyritysten tuotteisiin.

C/41 Polar Metalli Oy

levy- ja teräsrakenteet

C/21 Ramator Oy

Korkealuokkaiset teollisuuden putkistotarvikkeet sekä suodatusjärjestelmät

C/17 Rauma Marine Constructions Oy

Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) on yksi Euroopan johtavista laivanrakennusyhtiöistä. Kesällä 2014
perustettu raumalainen yhtiö on kokonaan suomalaisessa omistuksessa. RMC on erikoistunut matkustajaautolauttojen, jäänmurtajien ja puolustusvoimien alusten rakentamiseen ja huoltoon. Lisätietoja osoitteesta

We all envision a future where our grandchildren can swim in clean waters and breathe clear northern sea air. This is especially true here in Rauma, with the sea so close to our hearts. Therefore, our vision inspires us to craft ships, each a masterpiece of technology and sustainability.

We are specialised in building ships tailored to our customer’s needs that utilise the latest technological innovations. Our operations are based on cooperating with a network comprised
of the top professionals in our industry. At present, we are in the process of building six vessels in total.

C/17 Rauman Meriteollisuuskiinteistöt Oy

Seaside Industry Park on Rauman meriklusterin keskus, joka tarjoaa ainutlaatuisen toimintaympäristön erityisesti raskaan metalliteollisuuden tarpeisiin. Puistossa toimivat menestyvät laivanrakennuksen ja meriteollisuuden veturiyritykset laajoine verkostoineen. Käytössä on yhteinen infrastruktuuri kattavine energia-, vesi- ja kaasuverkostoineen sekä laitteistoineen. Alueen muut palvelut ja hyvät tietoliikenneyhteydet luovat erinomaiset toimintamahdollisuudet myös muiden alojen toimijoille.

B/54 Roxtec Finland Oy

Shared stand with Onninen Oy and Georg Fischer Ab

C/34 S & N Osakeyhtiö

Teollisuuden tukkukauppa. Voimansiirtotuotteet, laakerit, lukot, saranat, erikoiskiinnikkeet, erikoiskumituotteet,
nivelakselit, kardaanit.

B/53 Saint-Gobain Finland Oy / Isover

Raising the standard at sea
More than ever, green shipbuilding is at the heart of everything we do. Weight and energy efficiency are driving forces behind a more sustainable approach, yet never at the expense of comfort or safety. Performance and design define our choices, but always with cost in mind.
Saint-Gobain Marine brings together leading international brands to help build your maritime projects, from passenger ships to navy vessels and offshore installations. We all have a specific area of expertise based on years of sector experience, whether technical insulation, high-performance flooring solutions, high-performance glass, walls & ceilings, valve packages, or other special applications.
We provide a wide range of sustainable shipbuilding materials for different applications and develop complete solutions for your needs as a ship owner, naval architect, or shipyard. We always align with IMO regulations, while also shaping the practices of the future.

C/13 SeaFocus

SeaFocus – Sustainability Excellence by Advisors Focusing on Operational Compliance and University Students.

C/17 Securitas Oy

Securitas on Suomen johtava turvallisuuspalveluyritys. Tuotamme monipuolisia, laadukkaita ja yksilöllisiä
turvallisuuspalveluja yrityksille, yhteisöille, julkiselle sektorille sekä kuluttajille. Securitas provides a broad range
of specialised guarding, technology solutions and consulting services. We customise offerings that are suited to
our individual customer’s needs in order to deliver the most effective security solutions.

c/7 ShipProjects

Shared stand with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia / LIAA. Shipprojects" presents their Web-Based Vessel Performance (Fuel & Greenhouse gases) monitoring system. The solution is an assistant to shipowners and management companies with the goal to increase TCE rates and reduce OPEX, and comply with upcoming EU MRV/ETS regulations. Additionally, we offer a range of services, including marine engineering, electrical services, 3D laser scanning & modelling.

B/22 Sievi-Tools Oy

We offer our customers fast, flexible and precise metal machining services based on advanced 3D technology, as well as sophisticated mold and tool manufacturing with over 20 years of experience. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified.We are pioneers in the usage of 5-axis machining centers and can manufacture metal parts according to your needs. For example demanding impellers are possible with our machining centers.

Tarjoamme asiakkaillemme edistykselliseen 3D-tekniikkaan perustuvaa joustavaa ja nopeaa koneistuspalvelua sekä muottien ja työkalujen valmistusta yli 20 vuoden kokemuksella.
Toimintaamme ohjaa sertifioitu laatujärjestelmä ISO 9001.Olemme Airbusin hyväksymä mekaanisten osien toimittaja. Käytössämme on 3- kuin 5-akselisia koneita joiden avulla koneistamme haluamasi kappaleet.

B/26 Signwell Oy

Merkintä kilvet ja teipit.

Signwell raises your safety level with their high-end products. The product range consists of Process identification, IMO pipe marking, PVC and halogen free IMO Signage and other SOLAS Safety products.
Signwell is your partner for newbuilding projects as well as for refurbishment projects. With our turnkey service, we take care of the entire process. Everything from planning to realisation of LED Low Location Lighting systems to complete Safety Signage Systems. Our professional installation team specialized in Electrical powered (LED)- and Photoluminescent (PL) Low Location Lighting Systems and complete IMO safety signage systems will take care of the implementation, and make sure that the System is installed correctly.
We are also an authorized body to conduct inspections and measurements for complete LLL systems.
A safe operating environment is important.
Our goal at Signwell is to create both the highest possible level of safety and efficiency to your business.

B/4 Stoors Ab

Pääalamme on metallituotteiden ja niihin kuuluvat komponenttien valmistus.

Stoors Ab offers wide range of engineering and workshop services, including parts manufacturing, machining, welding, assembly, and equipment production, as well as turn-key solutions tailored to industrial needs. Additionally, we are specialized in manufacturing aluminum workboats and offering services and customized products for the marine industry.
We provide productive solutions and all possible assistance to our customers. Swift deliveries and flexibility are standard practices for us. Together with our long-term partners, we can offer our customers comprehensive solutions.

B/a Suomen Konepäällystöliitto ry
B/35 Suomen Lauttaliikenne Oy/Finferries

Suomen Lauttaliikenne -konserni on valtion omistama varustamo, joka vastaa yhteysalus-, lautta- ja lossiliikenteestä yhteensä yli 40 reitillä Suomessa. Aluksilla kuljetetaan vuosittain yli 4 miljoonaa ajoneuvoa ja 10 miljoonaa matkustajaa. Palveluksessamme on yli 300 työntekijää, ja toimintaamme ohjaavat perusarvot ovat turvallisuus, palveluhenkisyys, kannattavuus ja ympäristöystävällisyys.


Finferries (Suomen Lauttaliikenne Group) is a state-owned operator of ferry services in Finland. Commuter ferries are operated by a subsidiary of the group, Finland Archipelago Shipping. Finferries’ vessels carry over 4 million vehicles and 10 million passengers each year. Finferries has over 300 employees working on over 40 routes around the country. The head office is located in Turku, with a branch office in Savonlinna. Finferries runs its 24/7 operation according to the four values which were decided with the employees: Safety, Service-mindedness, Profitability and Environmental Friendliness.

C/17 Telesilta Oy

Meriteollisuuden sähkö-, automaatio- ja navigointijärjestelmien kokonaistoimitukset asennettuna ja

Telesilta Oy is an electrical engineering and contracting company established in 1978 and part of international industry group Harju Elekter. We specialize in electrical contracting for the shipbuilding industry – everything from planning to installation, implementation and service. We also undertake electrical, maintenance and repair work for industrial properties and other challenging buildings. Our key strength lies in installing and commissioning of electrical, automation and navigation systems, and over the years we have participated in several challenging projects. Most of these have been vessels built for demanding government use, and they typically vary in size between 20 and 150 meters. Telesilta – Your most reliable partner for turnkey deliveries.

C/35 TEXpro Oy

”TEXpro Oy on edistyksellinen tekstiiliteollisuuden toimija, joka erikoistuu korkealaatuisiin eristystuotteisiin. Tarjoamme innovatiivisia ja kestäviä eristysratkaisuja eri teollisuudenaloille. Tuotevalikoimamme kattaa monipuoliset eristysmateriaalit ja -ratkaisut, jotka täyttävät asiakkaidemme vaativat tarpeet.

Eristystuotteidemme avulla asiakkaamme voivat parantaa energiatehokkuuttaan, vähentää ympäristövaikutuksiaan ja saavuttaa korkeat turvallisuusstandardit. TEXpro Oy:n vahvuutena on kyky yhdistää teknistä osaamista ja kestävän kehityksen periaatteita tarjotaksemme asiakkaillemme parhaat mahdolliset eristysratkaisut.

Olemme sitoutuneet jatkuvaan tuotekehitykseen varmistaaksemme, että eristystuotteemme vastaavat ajanmukaisiin haasteisiin. Asiakaslähtöisyys on keskeinen arvomme, ja tiivis yhteistyö asiakkaidemme kanssa mahdollistaa räätälöityjen ratkaisujen kehittämisen. TEXpro Oy on luotettava kumppani, jonka tavoitteena on edistää teollisuuden eristysalan kehitystä ja kestävää tulevaisuutta.”

B/20 Trans-Auto Oy

Propulsio voimalinja ratkaisujen toimija.

Trans-Auto specialises in supplying Powertrain, Driveline and Propulsion solutions to the Off-Highway and Marine markets in the Nordic & Baltic Countries. Trans-Auto has put special emphasis on turn-key hybrid & electric driveline solutions. Trans-Auto represents World leading brands, with a commitment to support our customers and end-users as well as provide support to extend the lifetime our solutions using our staff’s and supplier’s high technical competence and level of service. Our head office, warehouse and workshop are located in Sodertälje, Sweden with a sales office in Finland and subsidiary company in Norway.

The Marine Brands Trans-Auto represents are aimed at vessels used in the commercial segment , with special emphasis on ease of use, serviceability, reliability, and safety. The products we offer can be used on vessels from approx. 6m to 120m, from High-Speed Planning vessels to Low Speed Heavy Duty Displacement vessels. Trans-Auto’s focus is on the 6m – 30m Commercial Vessel Segment and the larger sized Road Ferry Segment, with dozens of successfully completed projects.

C/27 Turun Satama Oy

Cargo transports with speed as priority

The Port of Turku provides an efficient route for carrying cargo to the key ports in the Baltic Sea region and further to ocean lines. The speed of transport chains is the key goal that guides our operations. We are an integral part of the European TEN-T transport network and the core route system of the European cargo transports. Our strength lies in frequent and regular liner services for maritime transports which offer flexibility for schedules and high supply performance for companies. We are continuously developing logistics services with our customers to be able to act as an important partner of industry and trade also in the future.

Yhteisosastolla Turun Vapaavaraston kanssa.

C/27 Turun Vapaavarasto Oy

Our extensive warehouse area is located right next to the Turku harbor, at the crossroads of the Baltic Sea region's crucial transportation routes. We provide comprehensive handling and storage services tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer self-storage, fully outsourcing the work to us, or anything in between, we address our clients' storage and logistics needs flexibly, reliably, and securely. Real-time monitoring of inventory is available, and your goods' safety is ensured through 24/7 surveillance. Yhteisosastolla Turun Sataman kanssa

B/38 Uudenkaupungin Satama Oy

The Port of Uusikaupunki is a modern, efficient, high-quality port located in southwestern Finland.
Port offers versatile ship and storage services which are operated 24/7.

C/30 Varsinais-Suomen elinkeino-, liikenne- ja ympärist

Team Finland on julkisten kansainvälistymispalveluja tarjoavien organisaatioiden verkosto. Siihen kuuluvat mm.
ELY-keskukset, Business Finland, Finnvera ja TE-toimistot. Yhteisosasto Varsinais-Suomen TE-toimisto,
Finnvera Oyj ja Varsinais-Suomen ELY-keskus.

Team Finland supports your company's competitiveness and opportunities to achieve significant international growth.

Team Finland members can join forces to help your company. We can utilise our networks to find the most suitable experts and services for your company.

ELY Centres are part of the Team Finland network. ELY Centres help Finnish SMEs to internationalise and grow. The ELY Centres offer evaluation services for new products and services, as well as grant funding for the growth, development and internationalisation of companies and their exports.

C/30 Varsinais-Suomen TE-toimisto

Team Finland on julkisten kansainvälistymispalveluja tarjoavien organisaatioiden verkosto. Siihen kuuluvat mm.
ELY-keskukset, Business Finland, Finnvera ja TE-toimistot. Yhteisosasto Varsinais-Suomen TE-toimisto,
Finnvera Oyj ja Varsinais-Suomen ELY-keskus.


Shared stand with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia / LIAA. VITCAKE LTD - WAYL fleet & crew management system. Introducing vITcake LTD, your go-to destination for cutting-edge software solutions! Dive into our flagship product, WAYL – revolutionizing fleet and crew management with unparalleled efficiency and precision. But that's not all! At vITcake, we're more than just software – we're your partners in innovation. From expert technical support to seamless network and video surveillance systems configuration, we've got you covered every step of the way. Explore the future of technology with vITcake at!;

C/13 Wasaline

Wasaline is the northernmost shipping line in the world, which transports passengers and freight daily between Vaasa in Finland and Umeå in Sweden. In addition to being the most environmentally friendly sea route between Finland and Sweden, the route is also important for security of supply. The company's hybrid ferry, Aurora Botnia, is equipped with dual-fuel engines and batteries. Aurora Botnia is the most environmentally friendly passenger ferry in the world and Wasaline invests in sustainability in all its processes. The Key Flag has been awarded both to Aurora Botnia and Wasaline’s services as a recognition of Finnish work. For more information, please visit
Shared stand with Seafocus.

B/41 Widni Oy

Widni on joustavasti palveleva tekninen tukkuliike. Parhaiten palveluperiaatteemme näkyy siinä, että emme ajattele vain myyvämme tuotteita. Haluamme tarjota ratkaisuja, jotka hyödyttävät asiakkaitamme kaikkein parhaiten.

B/14 Wiima Logistics Oy

Maritime Project Logistics Globally 4PL-Logistics Site Logistics Management Logistics Optimatization.

Wiima Logistics stands at the forefront of project logistics, offering unparalleled expertise tailored to the shipbuilding industry's complex needs worldwide. Our specialized service streamlines the intricate logistics of shipbuilding projects by providing a single point of contact for all transportation modes—air, sea, road, rail, and courier, including the management of oversized and heavy-lift components. Wiima’s innovation shines through our digital logistics management platform, designed specifically for the shipbuilding sector. This platform enhances visibility and control, enabling stakeholders to navigate the unique challenges of global supply chains in ship construction seamlessly. From customs clearance and last-mile delivery to on-site supervision, Wiima not only simplifies logistics but also drives efficiency and innovation, setting a new benchmark in project logistics for the shipbuilding industry.

B/8 Yrkeshögskolan Novia

Smart Shipping Research Platform

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